Our patent and law offices stand on three basic pillars - high quality expert work, flexible solutions to various scenarios and personal client approach - according to the slogan:


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IP Legal Hospitality
Patent and Law Offices

provide a broad portfolio of legal services especially in the area of Intellectual Property protection and within a complex approach solve their clients’ individual requirements.

We represent clients not only from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Member States of the European Union, among our regular clients are also natural and legal persons from other countries around the world. We cooperate with many reputable foreign Attorneys-at-Law and Patent and Trademark Attorneys on the patent and legal matters with an international element.

Our professional team, whose stable core consists of experienced patent and trademark attorneys and lawyers proven by many domestic and foreign cases, is there to assist the clients. Within the wider team, in addition to our patent and legal assistants, we established a group of cooperating trademark and patent attorneys, attorneys-at-law, judicial experts, translators, private detectives, real estate brokers and other distinguished experts from various fields, speaking several languages, to work with us on individual cases​​.

An indisputable advantage of this professional formation is its extraordinary flexibility "case by case" and operation on relatively low costs, which is positively reflected in the final prices of our services. We begin each specific case with its precise analysis, gathering maximum amount of available data and information to the respective matter. In more complicated cases the accurate selection and assembling the optimal team of experts, both from the internal members and external collaborators as well, is crucial.


As modern patent and law offices of the European type, we flexibly reflect needs of clients, protect their justified interests not only in the chosen legal fields but also in the area of their artistic works, ideas and innovations with respect to the copyright law and the industrial property law.

Providing "FIRST LEGAL AID" and implementing "LONG-TERM LEGAL SERVICE" especially in the specialized field of intellectual property protection, we solve out all coming legal situations by an immediate intervention defending interests of our clients and by continuous rigorous approach to the individual issues as well. We always anticipate the possible related aspects that we immediately consult with our clients according to the principle Vigilantibus iura scripta sunt“ i.e. the right benefits the vigilant people.

We represent our clients both before domestic courts and state administration. We process all applications in the field of industrial property law relating to the protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, appellations of origin, etc. We provide all kinds of searches and continuous monitoring of IP rights, cooperate with the customs offices, solve different kinds of copyright protection and provide all other supporting services. The common agenda of our offices also includes representation before the Industrial Property Office (ÚPV), before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), before the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), as well as litigation to protect Intellectual Property in the Czech Republic and abroad and the fight against counterfeiting and product piracy.

We provide introductory consultations upon a preliminary agreement free of charge